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The Broodmares

WHY NOT, stud name: SONJA (therefore registered with the SIRE under this name)
Breed: New-Forest néerlandaise, facteur de Poney Français de Selle,
Year of birth: 1986
Size: 1m44
Color: dark chestnut
Origins: by Shining Starr Aristo out of Bianca (an excellent jumper) by Kantje’s Mirakele (brother to Kantje’s Admiraal) and Kantje’s Teresea by Kantje’s Sjonny (well known for passing on his remarkable jumping ability and being present in the pedigree of a number of famous sports ponies.)

Shining Starr Aristo

Credentials: international winner, competing for the Netherlands at the 1993 European Championships then at Hasselt in Belgium in 1994 where she finished 5th (tied with Linaro) in the individual finals ridden by Greco Schroder, today a well-known senior Dutch rider. To this day, the only international winning broodmare at top level, daughter of a top class international performing stallion.

Description: a very pretty pony, harmonious and correct, well put together, who always produces handsome ponies, She stands out in the field and is always highly amusing for her age. A very good broodmare who systematically passes on an undisputable talent for jumping to her offspring. Like her sire, she is a little narrow in front, her head is long with her bone like that of her maternal grandsire, and her trot is somewhat ordinary. Nevertheless, amazingly, she doesn’t seem to pass on these faults to her offspring, and in a similarly surprising way she tends to produce small.

- Leeping Why de Florys (Peeping Tom, Aa), mare born in 1999,
- Mon Linaro de Florys (Linaro SL), stallion born in 2000,
- Olympique de Florys (Kantes Ronaldo SL), gelding born in 2002,
Welcome Sympatico SL), mare born in 2005, exported to Italy as a yearling.

- Shining Why de Florys (Quettino de Florys SL), colt born in 2006.
- Un Zodiak de Florys ( Zodiak SL, Nrps) (Dutch riding pony) male born in 2008.
- Foal at foot in 2009: Vouaye Not de Florys, chestnut filly by Zodiak SL, Dutch riding pony.
- Barren after a covering in 2009 by: Tinka’s Boy, Kwpn.
- In foal in 2011 to: Tinka's Boy, Kwpn

Breed: Poney Français de Selle (French riding pony),
Year of birth: 1991
Size: 1m38
Colo : dun
Origins: by Ors Tulira Sparrow, Co and Nickie II by Islam Sparrow Kim, Co
Credentials: Her short show jumping career in C2P and C1P didn’t reveal her jumping ability. She had everything necessary to succeed: strength, blood, ability, scope and style – her character might have been somewhat delicate (it is difficult to distinguish between her being highly strung and the way in which she was brought on).

Description: Fairly attractive pony, with a head characteristic of the Connemara, true to type with four good legs, a good chest and outline, with a back that could be stronger and the croup, too short, of her mother and her brother Jimmerdor. Her neck could be better set and longer. She is a bundle of energy and has a strong character within the herd: she’s the boss! Unfortunately her breeding career has to date given us just one filly by Welcome Sympatico, Politica de Florys, and one colt by Zodiak (we lost a filly by the Selle Français Arthy during the foaling and the following year a colt by the Anglo-Arab Ryon d’Anzex the day after his birth), which leaves me unable to say too much about her progeny, other than that she seems to produce surprisingly big.

- Politica de Florys (Welcome Sympatico SL), mare born in 2003,
- Sodiak de Florys (Zodiak SL), colt born in 2006.
-Une Désirée de Florys, (Gary Ofbritain*, Wa).
- In foal to: Anydale Ron, Dutch Nf in 2009.

Breed: Danish riding pony
Year of birth: 1989
Size: 1m42
Color: chestnut
Origins: by Omann, Shagya Arab out of Havens Flora, Nf by Beacon Pericles
Credentials: Famous show jumping champion, Queen is the latest recruit to the Haras de Florys. She is amongst the top eight international ponies of all time and the four top mares alongside Colton Maelstrom, Identity and Promisses. Against these she is far and away the smallest, the prettiest and is the only one blessed with such fantastic and thorough bloodlines. She won numerous international competitions jumping for Sweden, including an individual gold as a 9 year old at the European Championships at Le Touquet in 1998, team silver in Poland in 2004 and finally individual fifth in 2006 at Saumur…at 17 years old.

Description: The charismatic little chestnut mare took a well-earned retirement at the age of 18 at the Haras du Florys. Queen jumped with style, abundant energy, an enormous heart, great scope and reach, beating much bigger ponies on tracks of 1m35. This extraordinary and athletic little pony also has beautiful conformation, despite the length of her back, with good width and plenty of bone. She is extremely affectionate: she oozes presence, has an inquisitive eye, and makes her presence known… she has a huge personality, a real queen! Queen, who has lived her life at the pace and under the conditions of a top-level athlete, has settled very quickly to a more natural life in open air of the Brittany countryside. It remains to be seen if she will re-adapt sufficiently quickly to get in foal during Spring 2008 and then carry a foal to term.

Progeny: None to date.

Breed: Belgian riding pony factor Pfs
Year of birth: 1998
Size: 1m23
Color: grey
Origins: by Nabor, Poney de Selle Allemand, and Breenakers Carola’s Pride, Wa par Revel Paul jones
Credentials: Without doubt the best small daughter of Nabor, renowned Belgian broodmare despite her young age at the time of her importation to France, dam of two young approved stallions (Heros Ter Putte, by Jeffrey, New Forest and J’aime Ter Putte, by Curtis, Dutch riding pony) and of winning foals in conformation and showing classes.

Description: I found Cannache after a year of fruitless searching. For the past few years I had been looking for a small C pony to replace Nickie II and couldn’t find what I was after. I therefore decided to turn towards the daughters of Nabor in Belgium. I had asked the Belgian Warmblood Society for the full list of the production of this fabulous stallion… and I went to work, selected, telephoned, asked for photos, discussed with breeders and owners. Then I took myself off to the flat country to look at a dozen ponies that I had pre-selected. I retained two, which I bought, and after her trials jumping on the lunge at home I finally kept Cannache… despite her size which wasn’t quite what I was after to start with and which will compel me to work on the following generation. My idea is to keep her to create a line to cross with horses, a small C from her with a well known D stallion such as Kanje’s Ronaldo SL.  Cannache is a gorgeous little pony, sporty, supple, elegant, with a good outline, elegant, like a miniature thoroughbred, with incredible paces, an energetic trot and a good canter.  She has an incredible personality and her eyes never stop talking! Her jump, her technique, her sense of take-off, her scope…tempted me into this adventure with her. She arrived at stud in the summer of 2008.

- Goodluck Ter Putte (Ten Ankers Bileander, Dutch New Forest), bay stallion, 1m24 born in 2002
- Heros Ter Putte (Jeffrey, Dutch New Forest), dark bay stallion, 1m26 born in 2003
- J’aime Ter Putte (Curtis, Dutch riding pony), bay stallion, 1m36 born in 2005
- Kaya Ter Putte (Gentlemen V van Prinsenhof’s, Dutch New Forest), chestnut mare born in 2006
- Mecedes Ter Putte (Rakker-L, Nf néerlandais), black colt born in 2008 .

- Foal at foot in 2009: Vrai Faux de Florys, colt by Machno Carwyn, Wd.
(the asterisk relates to the corresponding anecdote)
- In foal to: Kantje’s Ronaldo SL, Dutch Nf in 2009.
- In foal in 2011 to: Nabab de Rêve, Sbs

Breed: German Riding Pony (Westphalien stud book), factor French Riding Pony (Pfs),
Year of birth: 2001
Size: 1m44
Color: bay
Origins: by Nantano out of Nakone by Nakon (full brother of Nantano) andt Melanie by the fabulous Merafic
Credentials: Naborina, conceived in Germany at my request to try to replace her full sister Noblesse* and imported to the Haras de Florys several years before her dam, is the only full sister of the famous stallion, the international performer Nabor. She competed in France for several years, but I admit I pretty much blew her working career, which finished with a few places and wins in D2P, D1P and D Elite (she did a super and very fast clear in a D Elite at the 2009 BIP…only to get eliminated due to the rider having not having gone through the finish!).
Description: Naborina is a bay pony, quite stamped by Nantano, but without the pretty head of her full brother Nabor and certainly of her full sister Noblesse. In fact, she is the descendant who most closely resembles her dam Nakone, with less bone and depth. A little larger than her full brothers and sister, she walks well, has quite an extravagant trot as is the custom in her family and doesn’t canter quite as well as Nobless, but rather more like Nabor (who had a tendency to get disunited, like several of his descendants). She is sure of herself, very intelligent, curious, loving and scared of nothing. She jumps with lovely style, spread and energy, but perhaps not with the strength of Nabor and Noblesse, despite her undeniable ability.
In foal in 2010 to: Cumano, Holsteiner.
In foal in 2011 to: Cumano, Holsteiner.


Breed: German riding pony (Westphalien stud-book), suitable for the production of Poney Français de Selle (French riding pony),
Year of birth: 1981
Size: 1m38
Color: grey
Origins: by Nakon (brother to Nantano) out of Melanie by the fabulous Merafic
Credentials: Classed as ‘Staatsprämie’ and dam to the famous German international performer Nabor, renowned for his extraordinary charisma and his astonishing jump which led him, despite his supposed 1m36 (in reality he measured 1m38 like his mother, but was not very big built), to be selected for the Belgian team for the European Championships at Hasselt in 1994 and to qualify there for the individual finals! This mythical stallion was equally an ’eye-catcher’ for his trot which was absolutely spectacular and head like that of Abdullah’s. He made a substantial impact on Belgian breeding, passing on all his strong points to his progeny, even if few of his offspring have a classic confirmation. He was one of the best stallions in Europe along with his sire Nantano. Although he only had the opportunity to cover very few mares, he is ranked at the same level, in a style that is evidently very different, as stallions such as Kantje’s Ronaldo, Casper and Dexter Leam Pondi. 
Description: I found Nakone in Germany at her former owner’s Rainer Schulze-Vels, who turned her loose in his arena: the pony immediately showed three paces (first trot, then canter and finally walk!) which were absolutely spectacular, particularly in a trot that was impossible to keep up with in hand.  At my request he then put out a pole for her to jump for the first time, and over five or six jumps I loved the way the little grey approached the fence, lifted her knees, basculed and used her back with strength, really picking up behind. Rainer also had a full brother to Nabor aged one and a half at his house, who ended up being quite disappointing, and a full sister aged eight months, Noblesse de Florys.  Noblesse was a real treasure, more beautiful, much more elegant, with a trot even better than that of her famous brother.  We ended up buying them both, and then Nakone joined us several years later.  I have therefore only known Nakone in her twilight years. She seems to me to be fairly long, with good volume, full of energy, but cool-headed, with strong hocks, rounded hindquarters, a good shoulder, a high neck and a head which is certainly very expressive, but one which it is hard to imagine she could have passed on to Nabor and above all to his sister Noblesse. Strong and well built, this is a pony apart who foaled all alone in 2007 at the age of 26 and who I would have no hesitation in covering again, provided she remains in good health!

- Progeny:
- Nabor (Nantano), stallion born in 1985 in Germany,
- Duchesse (Durello), mare born in 1986 in Germany, good show jumper winner in her home country,
- Never Mind (Nantano), male born in 1987 in Germany,
- Nantano de Florys (Nantano), gelding born in 1996 in Germany, winner in Dressage and in show jumping in France,
- Noblesse de Florys (Nantano), mare born in 1997 in Germany, died at three years old, the tragedy of my stud…,
- Duchesse (Durello), mare born in 1999 in Germany, show jumping winner in France,
- Naborina de Florys (Nantano), mare born in 2001 in Germany, show jumping winner in France,,
- Qonstantine de Florys (Constantin), mare born in 2004 in France
- Relcome de Florys (Welcome Sympatico SL), mâle né en 2005.
- Texterina de Florys (Dexter Leam Pondi), male born in 2005.
- In foal at the first attempt in 2007!!! to: Gary Ofbritain, Welsh A, Vice-champion of France show jumping in B2 in 2003, Champion in 2005 and finalist in B1E in 2004…but later aborted.
- Not in foal to Quettino de Florys SL in 2008
Nakone has now taken a well-earnt retirement and will be replaced at stud by one of her two daughters, Naborina de Florys or even Texterina de Florys.  Nonetheless, I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to withdraw her from my list of broodmares.

Nakone is passing a peaceful retirement near Nantes, well cared for by a family who look after her well, after having… aborted a foal by Gary Ofbritain, Wa* at the age of 26 in autumn 2007.

Breed: German riding pony (Schleswig-Holstein stud-book), suitable for the production of Poney Français de Selle (French riding pony)
Date of birth: 1985
Size: 1m44
Color: bay
Origins: by the breed leader of the Schleswig-Holstein studbook Lombard and Babsy by the famous Shagya Bajar.
Credentials: Classed as elite by her studbook of birth, mother of three stallions: Aron N, one of the best performing international stallions in Europe, Menelaos and Quettino de Florys.

Description: beautifully proportioned, Bettina is the prototype of the riding pony broodmare: elegant, with good bone, depth and width, with a naturally rounded outline, blessed with a magnificent crest, superb topline, a good, expressive head, intelligent with a lovely eye, finely put together with a long, sloping shoulder: I really can’t find any fault with her conformation.

- Beresina (Opal), born in 1989 in Germany, broodmare in her country of origin, then in France,
- Aron N SL (Aldan), born in 1990 in Germany,

- Menelaos (Magnum), in 1991 in Germany, dressage performance stallion,
- Balissima (Magnum), born in 1992 in Germany, broodmare in her country of origin then in France,
- Picasso (Pharao), male born 1994 in Germany,
- Marlon (Manitu), male born in1995 in Germany,
- Belle Amy (Cansas), born in 1996 in Germany,,
- Avignon (Aron N), born in 1990 in Germany, died young,
- Monaco (Mac Geyver), male born in 1998 in Germany,
- Bellevue (Cap Cenedy N), born in 1999 in Germany,
- Marone de Florys (Cap Cenedy N), magnificent chestnut filly born in France in 2000 and died 15 days later at the Haras de la Monnaie where her dam was staying to be covered by Linaro SL,
- Narone de Florys (Linaro SL), gelding born in 2001

- Onantarone de Florys (Nantano), gelding born in 2002,

- Pharone de Florys (Nantano), mare born in 2003,
- Quettino de Florys SL (Kantje’s Ronaldo SL), stallion born in 2004,
- Sissi de Florys (Jimmerdor de Florys SL), filly born in 2006.
- Taronextera de Florys (Dexter Leam Pondi), filly born in 200.
- Not in foal to Casper in 2007 (having been pregnant with twins which were unable to be separated, and which therefore had to be aborted)
- Not in foal to Casper in 2008.
Bettina: has been spending a happy retirement at Saint-Dolay near the stud, under the watchful eye and love of a young girl since summer 2010.

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